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Aladdin Sane, Uncle Arthur, and Queen Bitch were all admitted to the Order of the Pineapple on 1 January 1991. This was the year the award was not given on January 18, but it was a triple palindromic year. This was the first year the award was given by by Earth Chapter 5 of the Ek-sen-triks Cluborguild for which they were the three founders.


Aladdin Sane was a member of the original Ĕk-sĕn-trĭks Cluborguild‏‎ who decided to form a new chapter. Like many of the original ECGers, he was a roleplayer. While the award was originally given on Robert Anton Wilson's birthday and original ECG member Moondancer had been friends with WIlson's daughter Luna, Aladdin formed the first chapter that was specifically tied to DIscordianism. This chapter was more-or-less also a Discordian cabal.

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