Queen Bitch, Aladdin Sane, and Uncle Arthur were all admitted to the Order of the Pineapple on 1 January 1991. This was the year the award was not given on January 18, but it was a triple palindromic year. This was the first year the award was given by by Earth Chapter 5 of the Ek-sen-triks Cluborguild for which they were the three founders.

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Queen Bitch was formerly a security guard known for her ability to kick in doors. As she said, unfortunately sometimes those who owned the doors didn't want them kicked down. She claimed to be a superhero who rode a horse and shot lighting from her lance. In her secret identity she was disguised as a somewhat mild-manner bioengineer, specifically in cloning. If you want a backup for your aging cat Tittles, she's your engineer.

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